Welcome To South Lake Little League
PO Box 120986 1250 12th Street Clermont, Florida 34712


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Welcome to the South Lake Little League

Do you know someone who needs their volunteer hours?

We can help!


South Lake Little League needs concession workers and junior base umpires.


Concession workers must be 16 years of age.  We have one shift:

5:45 - 8:30 pm Monday - Friday

If you are interested email Peppy at and let her know which nights you can volunteer.


Junior Base Umpires must be in Majors or higher.

They can umpire One level below their playing level.

This means if your child plays Majors, he can be a base ump for Minors and AAA.  If he plays Juniors, he can be a base ump for  Majors, Minors, and AAA.


If you are interested in Umpiring, please email Greg at

Next Board Meeting

Monday November 24th @ 6:30 PM
Park Pal's Board Room


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